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Information gets scattered everywhere. Bring it together at Infowrap, the app for delivering project, team and event information from a single page.

Take the all-important leap to make a change.Release your grip on how things have been done and use INFOWRAP to do things the way they should be done.

Our way of tackling the problem is easier

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We have all faced the challenge of delivering timely and accurate information in an ever changing environment.

Infowrap allows you to easily answer every who, what, where and when question from a single page. As you will soon see this is no ordinary page, it's an Infowrap or 'wrap' for short.

  • Organize

    Organize all the info people need so it's easy to find and use.

  • Update

    Automatically keep everyone up to date as info changes.

  • Smile

    Getting on the same page this easily is something to smile about.

This is no ordinary page, it's a wrap.

  • OverviewWhat's happening at a glance.
  • FilesPerfectly organized files (sync w/ box and dropbox).
  • NotesThe details.
  • EventsA calendar showing where to be and when (sync w/ Google calendars).
  • GalleriesVivid imagery arranged by theme.
  • LocationsLinks to important locations.
  • ContactsInteractive contact list (add to and from phone contacts).

How it Works



Make an Infowrap for a project, team or event.



Pack your Infowrap with the info people need.


Share & Invite.

Share and invite followers and collaborators.



Breath easy knowing everyone is on the same page.

We makeorganizations hum



The number one complaint about H.S. sports programs and activities is that they are poorly coordinated. Our School platform will get your programs humming and save everyone time. Learn more.

General Contractors

General Contractors

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Design Firms

Design Firms

Our Design Firm platform will help you organize info for your customers and they will thank you for it. Learn more.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Create dynamic information that potential buyers and tenants can easily use. We guarantee they will appreciate it far more than the flyer you create or the info on your website. Learn more.



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Real Estate Developers
Real Estate Developers

Real Estate Developers

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Architectural Firms

Architectural Firms

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Churches & Non-Profits
Churches & Non-Profits

Churches & Nonprofits

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Some Key Benefits


Infowrap is straightforward and intuitive.


You can bring scattered info together and organize it effortlessly.


People are kept on the same page with automatic push notifications and summary emails.


You have total control over who can see what.


We work seamlessly with your favorite apps like Dropbox, Box, Google Calendar and more.


You get to deliver the complete picture on what's happening.

People Love Using Infowrap

Patrick Campbell

Patrick Campbell

President & Founder
ConstructOne, LLC

It's the absolute best way to organize subs. With all the project information in one place and automatic updates, we have more time to focus on customer service and sales.

Dru Allen

Dru Zimmer

Personal Trainer

Infowrap helps me keep all the details about each customer organized. It's a huge time saver and helps clients stick with the program.

Nick Allen

Nick Anderson

Varsity Baseball Coach
Lakewood High School

I use Infowrap exclusively to share team logistics. The whole team and their families are clear about what's going on now.

Matt Ekerson

Matt Ekerson

Sr. Project Manager
Goodfellow Bros.

My productivity is way up with Infowrap. I'm using it to share bid and project info with subs on all my projects.

Tara Miller

Tara Miller

Auction Chair, HCS

Infowrap helped me get our volunteers on the same page. The group loved that they could save contact info to their phones and events to their calendars.

Jim Huddart

Jim Huddart

Huddart Family Trust

Infowrap helps us instantly deliver property info to potential buyers and renters. Before Infowrap, we had to piecemeal out info with repetitive emails.


Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime.


$ 0
  • Unlimited Following & Collaboration
  • 10 GB Storage
  • Up to 2 Projects, Teams or Events
  • Sync w/ Box & Dropbox
  • Sync w/ Google Calendar
  • Customer Service

Individual Wrapper

$ 4 95/mo
Monthly Wrapper Package
  • Unlimited Following & Collaboration
  • 100 GB Storage
  • Up to 100 Projects, Teams or Events
  • Sync w/ Box & Dropbox
  • Sync w/ Google Calendar
  • Customer Service
  • Who We Are

    We're an eclectic mix of people with diverse and rich backgrounds. Infowrap was born from our own need to find a simple way to share different types of project info. We love using Infowrap and are honored to share it.

    From the Infowrap Team
  • What We Believe

    We believe your information is yours. We hate having our online activity and contacts tracked and sold, so we won't do it to you. Our creed is to treat you the way we want to be treated. Period.

    From the Infowrap Team
  • We Value The Tech Community

    We contribute to a wide variety of public projects. We appreciate the incredible effort of the global tech community in developing high quality software libraries, and we try to contribute back often.

    From the Infowrap Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I control what people see?

You have total control over who can see what. Each piece of info you add has its own visibility setting. Keep info just for yourself, a custom list of followers and collaborators or let everyone see it.

Can I sync with Dropbox or Box?

Yes. You can sync any folder from Dropbox or Box to an Infowrap folder or vice versa.

Do my followers interact?

No. Followers do not see each other or interact in any way. They can access the info you allow them to see and receive updates when there is new info.

Can followers save contacts to their phones?

Yes, with our app. You can add contacts from your phone to a wrap and your followers can save them to their phone.

Is my information secure?

Yes. Your information is private by default, so only you will be able to access it. Using our sharing and collaboration tools you can pick and choose who else you want to be able to see the wraps and content you make. Our security ensures that only the people you trust are able to see what you share with them.

Can I add events from my calendar to Infowrap?

Yes. You can sync events on any of your Google Calendars to an Infowrap or have events on an Infowrap syncing to a Google Calendar.

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